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Our Company

Pin·na·cle (noun): the highest or topmost point.

So much of our success at Pinnacle stems back to how the company started. Before rebranding as Pinnacle in 2002, the company was known as Savage Sign —a billboard and outdoor sign manufacturer that served the Springfield, Missouri, area for more than 130 years.

When we relaunched the company as Pinnacle Sign Group, we were able to build on Savage Sign’s century’s worth of knowledge and craftsmanship. The attention to detail and focus on customer service that rooted Savage Sign in the local business community still remains at the heart of what we do and has helped Pinnacle grow into a nationwide company.

Today, we service customers across the country, but our headquarters are firmly rooted in our hometown of Springfield, Missouri. This is where we started, and we have a community of local businesses to thank for our growth. As our local customers grew and branched out into new locations, we grew with them.

Part of that growth has included expanding our services. Along with sign design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, Pinnacle can assist customers with a full brand strategy for interior and exterior signage. Using a focus on research development with an impressive team of fabricators, designers, and engineers, we are able to tackle the large and complicated projects that most custom fabrication facilities are unable to handle.

With our passion for creative engineering and design, we have become a company known for our ability to say yes. Our customer service approach in a manufacturing industry is what sets us apart and creates lasting relationships.


Our 10-Step Process

  1  Your brand evaluation

  2  Sales and service strategy

  3  Site survey and code research

  4  Visual brand strategy

  5  Landlord Approval

  6  Engineering and estimating

  7  Permitting

  8  Manufacturing

  9  Installation

10  Watch your business grow!

Our Facility

Pinnacle Sign Group’s facilities are located in Springfield, Missouri, at 505 N. Glenstone Avenue, just south of the Glenstone Avenue and Chestnut Expressway intersection.

To meet customer demands and fill larger orders, our campus is broken up into many buildings in which each can facilitate various disciplines and focus on their respective talents.

Additionally we have recently begun to remodel and incorporate yet another building into our campus that will become our Operations Center. This will be the new home to our Installation and Service fleet and team members as well as all of our Operational teams. This element, once complete will allow yet even more functionality to our ever growing fabrication offering.

Pinnacle Sign Group is continuously researching new and exciting manufacturing technologies, which enable us to produce unique and innovative signage systems. Our experienced team of designers and fabricators are constantly striving to improve our current processes and make enhancements to ensure our signage is to the highest quality.

Research & Development

This is my 4th sign using Pinnacle Sign Group. The entire staff from start to finish is friendly, communicates well, and highly professional in every aspect of the process. Always appreciate the exceptional experience I receive. 

Matt Mawdsley

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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