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Project Management

We have developed a project management process that allows customers to obtain real time information and individual attention.

Tier 1 – LEAD PROJECT MANAGER This leader will set up the specifications and requirements for our clients and select a specific team based on volume and requirements (we will grow with you!).

Tier 2 – PROJECT COORDINATOR This leader is assigned to administrate and communicate procedures, progress, status and/or any other information required.

Tier 3 – UPPER LEVEL LEADER This leader always has real time updates in the event of lead project manager and coordinator are absent. This level is a backup in order to prevent any lapse in communication or procedure.

Our Project Management System combined with In-House Specialty Departments ensures a smooth running project that delivers on time and on budget.

Design is our true strength; we have more than 130 years of experience and a portfolio of past projects to prove it. Whether we’re working with a financial institution, university, or restaurant, we believe in coloring outside the lines and pushing creative bounds.

Our team’s drive to engage with our customers, to listen to their vision, enhances the creative and innovative design process. This is why we don’t shy away from difficult projects and why we’ve been able to attract national customers. No matter the size or scope of the project, we believe the traditional sign has more to offer. That’s why our creative team is made up of designers, engineers and fabricators. We’re here to make sure your brand has as much impact as possible, and if we don’t settle for ordinary, why should our customers?


Pinnacle Sign Group ensures that every sign is built the way it’s supposed to be, with quality
control at every step and without shortcuts. As projects progress, we keep customers engaged
and updated, and when our job load increases, we don’t hire temporary labor. Instead, we work overtime to make sure your signs are handled by our team of expert craftsmen. And once a sign is finished and installed, we continue to handle all maintenance and repairs no matter where a customer is located. Our passion and attention to detail is something that sets us apart from our competitors and one of the many reasons customers have stayed with us as they’ve grown.



A UL product certification means Pinnacle has successfully met stringent standards for product safety.



Pinnacle uses only the best, and Matthews Paint has been making high-performance sign paint for over 75 years.

The proper equipment is essential in assuring that your installation is safe, and free of any oversights. Our team is fortunate to have everything ranging from our service fleet trucks, to heavy duty hydraulic cranes that can handle the highest point of elevation for your installation or service needs. The transport to your site, and the methodical process of setting your sign, is a very impressive sight! Just be assured that our goal is to ALWAYS get it right the first time.

That is our promise to you.


Your signage and lighting investments can be expensive. Our comprehensive repair and maintenance plans can be a key element to make sure they are operating in top form for years.

Based upon your specific needs, Pinnacle Sign Group can set up a service plan that meets all your signage needs. Anywhere across the country.

ATM & ITM Surrounds and Kiosks

Here at PSG we have become the ATM & ITM Surrounds and Kiosks professionals for our customers needs.

Whether it is a drive-thru lane, a wall built-in, or even total stand alone locations. We know Video Teller Solutions.

What do Video Teller Solutions offer:
  1. Increased Branding – illuminated logos to simple digital print wraps to match your brand

  2. Added Protection for the Machines – enclosures and surrounds add the benefit of protection to the machines

  3. Marketing Options – exchangeable marketing areas can be updated through year

  4. Positive Visitor experience – your customers know your brand and are able to locate easier with the added footprint

  5. Added Security – illuminated canopies can offer a more protected environment

  6. Easy to Service – surrounds do not attach to machine allowing convenient service

ATM & ITM Surrounds and Kiosks
This is my 4th sign using Pinnacle Sign Group. The entire staff from start to finish is friendly, communicates well, and highly professional in every aspect of the process. Always appreciate the exceptional experience I receive. 

Matt Mawdsley

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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